The Power of Our Words ~ Chicken Mole Mini Pizzas

The power of our words.  They can be sweet or filled with bitterness.  They can come out smooth or harsh.  Our words can make another say "wow" and want to learn more or they can make another person run.  Our words can be too sweet and the receiver will know that they are fake, or they can be just right, keeping the receiver of our words around for a while.  Our words can be memorable and powerful or they can be easily forgotten.    A few months ... read more


Inside the Frig

What’s Inside My Frig?

Once in a great while a long time ago, I would happen upon the show MTV's Cribs.  I didn't care about the fancy pools, the giant bathrooms, the endless bedrooms or the expensive cars in the garage.  I only really wanted to see one thing: inside the frig.  Always fascinating, sometimes ... read more

Making Memories