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The Stress of Yes

Do you have a margin?  A nothing space?  A place to rest and just be?  Every book does– the margin or white space around the words creates a place for our eyes to rest or our eyes would go crazy reading words right off the page.  Now let me ask you this…does your schedule have a margin too?  Or are you suffering from the stress of yes? Let’s find out: Do you feel tired every day or well rested and energetic for the day? Are you getting 7-8 hours of sleep every ... read more


Girl Holding Plant

Kitchen Garden Checklist

While spring brings the urge to stop into the local farmer’s market for the most colorful, fresh fruits and vegetables, why not consider planting your very own kitchen garden?  A kitchen garden is simply an area where you plant your own vegetables, fruits and herbs to use in your kitchen.  ... read more

Making Memories