CNN_Jen_image2 I’m Jen Haugen and I believe moms can change the world!  Yes, as moms, we are that powerful.  But hear me out before you feel overwhelmed and under tremendous pressure,  because the world we can change is right in front of us.  It’s within the walls of our homes and the fences in our backyards.  We can change the world i.e. the direction of health for our kids, because we, as moms, have the biggest impact on our family’s eating habits.

If I ask you to walk with me in the grocery aisles to show me your favorite foods, it would be very likely that you would show me foods you love that are something you grew up with.  You would show me your favorite meal – because it’s one your mom use to cook.  You would talk about your favorite memories around food, because of the impact of your mother.  See how powerful moms are?


Yet, with a career and a family, it’s easy to become stressed out, overwhelmed and feeling like a failure with so much to do and what seems like little time.  I’m a mom and registered dietitian and have had the same thoughts!  Here’s what I know: our thoughts become our words, our words become our actions, our actions become our habits and our habits become our lifestyle.  What lifestyle are we creating if all we are is busy?  It’s time to focus on what matters most to create the legacy we desire.

Here are struggles I’ve helped moms overcome:

Here are 5 things I believe:

  • More than anything, moms desire healthy families and want to do what’s best for the health of their kids.
  • Busy moms need to be nourished too, in order to be successful at nourishing their families.
  • Moms want to pass on a positive legacy to their children.
  • Just because a mom has a career outside the home, doesn’t mean that the health of the family needs to be sacrificed.
  • Moms want to feel confident with their skills in the kitchen.


My writing has been featured on the following websites:  The Family Dinner Project, Food Nutrition and Science, Chobani, Best Food Facts, Welch’s, Around the Plate, Smart Eating for Kids, and Supermarket Nutrition. I’m also a Recipe ReDux blogger and Kids Eat Right volunteer.  I write for Food & Nutrition Magazine on their Stone Soup blog.  I’m involved in local health and wellness organizations like Mower Refreshed, our local public schools and write a weekly newspaper column.  I enjoy spending time with my can’t live without husband and two beautiful children, camping in the summer months, drinking Rooibos tea lattes, and watching Hallmark movies.

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Jen Haugen is a mom, registered dietitian nutritionist, writer, television personality and passionate farm-to-plate advocate. Jen’s life has come full circle since growing up on a crop and hog farm in southwestern Minnesota and gardening since she could walk, graduating Summa Cum Laude from Minnesota State University, Mankato in 1999 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in both Dietetics and Food & Nutrition, to now passionately educating moms about the journey of their food so they can feel confident about nourishing their families.